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How to Manifest Someone to Be Obsessed with You

How to manifest someone to be obsessed with you.

Life is much better when you find somebody to share with and you can attract your soul mate without any doubt.

But as usual, there are some previous steps.

To attract a soul mate, we must first focus on our relationship with ourselves, which necessitates self-love.

The nature of our interactions with the people, places, and things in our lives is determined by our relationship with ourselves.

Learn to love and respect yourself and then you can give what you have to the world.

The apple tree gives apples and the lemon tree gives lemons.  What do you have to offer?



Attract Your Soul Mate

Do you sometimes want a partner by your side who fits you perfectly? Someone where you know you are one hundred per cent on it leave can?

With whom you have valuable conversations.

That makes you indescribably happy. With which you can create magical moments together where you feel 100% arrived.

Hard to believe, but true – this partner, your soul mate, is also there for you! Why do I know that?

Let yourself be surprised!


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What are some things you can do to attract your soul mate?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to attract your soul mate will vary depending on your personal characteristics and relationship goals.

However, some general tips for attracting your soul mate may include developing your interests, spending time with people you care about, being genuine and authentic, and being optimistic.

In addition, it may be helpful to focus on developing strong personal relationships and cultivating a positive attitude, as these will likely attract positive energy and help you to connect with others.


Can You Manifest a Specific Person?



You Know that Someone is Waiting for You Out There

I know exactly what it feels like to go through life with the feeling that somewhere out there, in some place, is this person who suits you exactly. And you know what?

I have not only experienced in my life that this person has found my way into my life, but I have already been able to experience exactly that with many others.

I not only know that your dream man or dream woman is waiting for you out there, but I can even give you valuable tips on how to find your soul mate. Good or good?

You’ll either hear their voice or feel their presence.

If your soulmate is thinking of you, you will sense their presence no matter where you are or what you are doing.

This may be unsettling because you may hear their voice while attending a crucial business meeting, but don’t be alarmed.

This blog is for you! So that you too are among the lucky ones in this world who find their soul mate and lead a fulfilled partnership.

How does it work? That’s exactly what I’m going to explain to you here! So you can be very excited!

Here is how to manifest someone to be obsessed with you.


Attract Your Soul Mate


TwoTips on How to Manifest Someone to Be Obsessed with You


You have to Know what You Want

Do you know those moments when you go shopping and don’t even know what you want to buy?

It is often the case that at the end of this purchase, everything ends up in the shopping cart, just not what you need. You only notice this at home. True or true?

It is the same when it comes to finding your soul mate. How should you recognize the right man or woman if you don’t know who the right one is?

That’s right – that’s not possible!



For this reason, I have a very special task for you today: take your time and write down exactly what you want. Think about it …

  • Who should be by your side?
  • How your partner should deal with you
  • What do you want to do together so that you feel really happy
  • What do you want to talk to him or her about
  • As you wish that you spend your time together,
  • And what your partner should do so that you feel loved perfectly.



Few people worry about what they need to feel completely fulfilled in their partnership. And that’s exactly why most partnerships break up.

Because if you don’t even know how you want to be loved, how should your partner know? And if your partner doesn’t know, how should he give it to you?

Right – that can’t work at all! … And no, your partner does not have to be able to read all your wishes and needs from your eyes. Take responsibility for your happiness in love by saying what you need from him.


Do a Self-check!

We can only ask others to do what we are willing to give. True or true? That means, for example, if you want a soul mate at your side who has time for you all day, it is time to ask yourself if you would give him time all day.

My second tip to you is therefore that you go through the list that describes your dream partner once and check every single point.

Ask yourself all the time: “Am I already living what I want my future partner to do here?”

I am already …

  • understanding, even if it gets challenging?
  • completely in my strength?
  • an attentive listener when others speak?
  • willing to compromise to leave room for someone else’s needs?

attract your soul mate


You Have to Be a Great Yourself to Attract Great Partners

In an outstanding relationship to lead, you must find the person that your dream partner would like to have at his side.

The more powerful you are, the more you will draw a partner into your life who is just as wonderful and strong as you.

So it’s time to grow into a better and better version of yourself! It is time to get into your size and let your light shine!

Because in this way you will draw a person into your life who surpasses all your wildest ideas.

A person who goes through life as wonderfully as you do. Someone who always shines on you with shining eyes.

Who gets involved with you and is ready to spend his life at your side.

A person who walks through challenging times with you.



Get Ready for Your Soul Mate

And maybe you feel like many other people that you want some kind of guide that will lead you to your size.

Something like a supporter, a trainer, a coach who shows you the next steps that you are allowed to take to get into your inner strength to draw your soul mate into your life.

If so, I have wonderful information for you now! There is such a thing!

Because there is “ GO! ”. I wrote this book. E is there to help you become the best version of yourself.

A book that shows you the way to grow into your most powerful me and to live your full potential.

How does that sound to you?


Manifesting Obsession


FAQs about Manifesting Obsession

1. Is it ethical to manifest someone to be obsessed with you?

While manifesting is a powerful tool, it’s important to use it ethically and responsibly.

Obsessive love is unhealthy and unsustainable, often leading to possessiveness, manipulation, and a lack of boundaries.

It’s essential to focus on attracting a partner who respects your independence, values your individuality, and loves you for who you truly are.

2. What are the potential dangers of manifesting obsession?

Obsessive love can create an unhealthy and controlling dynamic in a relationship.

It can lead to anxiety, insecurity, and emotional manipulation.

Additionally, it may be misinterpreted as a genuine connection, potentially causing heartbreak and disappointment in the long run.

3. Is there a difference between manifesting someone’s love and their obsession?

Yes, there is a significant difference. True love is based on mutual respect, trust, and genuine connection.

It allows for individual freedom and encourages growth within the relationship.

Obsession, on the other hand, is characterized by possessiveness, control, and a distorted sense of reality.

4. What are healthier alternatives to manifesting someone’s obsession?

Instead of focusing on obsession, shift your energy towards manifesting genuine love and respect. Cultivate self-love, identify your values, and set clear goals for the kind of partner you desire.

Focus on attracting someone who shares your values, supports your dreams, and celebrates your individuality.

5. What if I already attracted someone who is obsessed with me?

If you find yourself in a relationship with someone who exhibits obsessive behaviour, it’s important to set healthy boundaries and communicate your needs.

If the behaviour persists or becomes harmful, seeking professional help is crucial to ensure your safety and well-being.

Remember, you deserve to be in a relationship that is based on mutual respect and genuine love, not obsession.



Video Attract Your Soul Mate – How to Manifest Someone to Be Obsessed with You


How to manifest someone to be obsessed with youDate: 2019-10-22 23:36:36

How to manifest someone to be obsessed with you

In this video, you are going to watch a live session with questions and answers about how to attract your soul mate.

Watch the full video to find some interesting ideas on how to live a better life and how to attract your soul mate.




Conclusion: Embracing Healthy Love, Not Obsession

While the idea of someone being obsessed with you may hold an initial allure, it’s crucial to recognize the limitations and potential dangers such a dynamic presents.

Obsessive love, with its possessiveness, manipulation, and lack of healthy boundaries, ultimately creates a relationship that is unsustainable and suffocating for both individuals.

Instead of focusing your energy and intentions on manifesting someone to be obsessed with you, shift your focus inwards towards self-discovery, cultivating self-love, and nurturing healthy relationships within your existing network.

As you radiate confidence and authenticity, and pursue your passions, you’ll naturally attract someone who admires and respects you for who you truly are, without the need for manipulation or control.

Remember, genuine love thrives in a space of freedom, respect, and open communication.

By releasing the desire for obsessive love and embracing authentic connections, you open yourself up to a far richer and more fulfilling experience.

So, prioritize self-love, cultivate healthy relationships based on mutual respect, and trust that the universe will guide you towards someone who shares your values and appreciates you for the amazing individual you are.





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How to manifest someone to be obsessed with you

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